Bytové domy Lužiny - Archeologická - připravujeme
Bytové domy Lužiny - Archeologická - připravujeme
Jeremiášova - Triangl - Apartments House Available apartments >>>
Jeremiášova - Triangl - Apartments House Available apartments >>>
Uhříněves - U Starého mlýna Available apartments >>>
Uhříněves - U Starého mlýna Available apartments >>>
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Apartment Buildings Lužiny

We are preparing This Project for a building permit in cooperation with architectural studio Hlaváček & Partner s.r.o. Apartment units and parking spaces will be offerd in the immediate vincity of the subway, the Shoping Centre Lužiny and Central Park.

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Uhříněves, U Starého mlýna

The project includes 117 original apartments with a balcony, terrace or front garden, and business premises with an area of more than 500 sq m.

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Jeremiášova, Triangl

The Triangl apartment building occupies a total area of more than 10,000 sq m, of which at about 6,100 sq m serves as net living area, and 1,800 sq m as business premises.

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Polyfunkční areál Smíchov

The project is going to contribute to improving the quality of life in this area.
The current brownfield will be replaced by functional architecture for residential and commercial use.

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News and Information

Purchasing an Apartment and Visiting the UDI Client Center

  • Have you found an apartment in our portfolio that is exactly what you want? Send us an email, call us or fill out the contact form on our website, and arrange a meeting in our client center.
  • We will be happy to answer any questions and provide you with detail information on the location, building, apartment, fixtures and furnishings, as well as our contract terms and conditions.
  • We offer our clients a chance to make a no-obligation, one-week verbal reservation, to give you a chance to think things through.
  • Have you decided on a particular apartment? All you need to do is sign a preliminary purchase contract, and pay a deposit of 15 percent of the total apartment price within 10 days. You will only pay the outstanding balance after the apartment has been completed and has passed final inspection & approval. In case you need more time to decide or obtain funding for paying the deposit, we offer the option of signing a reservation agreement. Once you have signed the agreement and paid a reservation fee of CZK 50,000 (including VAT), we will reserve the apartment for you for 30 days, which will give you sufficient time to make all the necessary arrangements.
  • We offer our clients the option of making customized changes and we will provide the relevant visualization.
  • We offer our clients a selection of flooring, doors, bathroom fixtures and fittings, and kitchens at discounted prices from our own suppliers.
  • We offer our clients advice and consulting regarding the financing of their purchase, taking into account the client’s needs and plans.
  • We will keep you informed about the progress of construction and on the results of progress inspections.

Come and see the possibilities we offer.

Customization options

Although we have taken great care to select the best standard equipment, we allow the clients to make their own modifications and adjust their future apartments to suit their needs and wishes.
Clients may choose flooring materials, wall & floor tiles, doors and other equipment in our client centre in the Černá růže shopping arcade, or in our suppliers’ showrooms:

  • SIKO – bathrooms, wall & floor tiles
  • Gerbrich – Czech interior and entrance door manufacturer
  • SMART kitchen units – provided by Katalpa (Czech kitchen manufacturer)
  • KPP – premium quality wooden floors

Come and see the possibilities we offer.

Apartment Handover

  • The first step toward receiving your finished apartment is the technical inspection & approval procedure. You will have the chance to perform a thorough inspection of your apartment and the quality of the finished work prior to signing the purchase contract. The entire procedure will be recorded in an inspection & approval report, listing any potential defects and faults, and stipulating a mutually agreed deadline for their rectification.
  • Once you have paid the full outstanding balance of the purchase price, we will sign a purchase contract and submit it to the Cadastral Office in order to record your title (transfer of ownership).
  • We will hand over your new apartment to you on a pre-agreed date. You will have another chance to perform a thorough inspection of the apartment, after which we will draw up and sign a handover certificate. Any minor defects will be recorded in the certificate, together with a mutually agreed deadline for their rectification.
  • Finally, we will give you the keys to your new apartment. All you need to do is move in!

We will be happy to provide our help and services even after the handover. For more information, contact our client center.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

By using the Web form, by email or phone. Just click on Contacts at top right.
Yes, citizens of European Union Member States and third country nationals may acquire real estate in the Czech Republic entirely without restrictions.
Each housing unit has a water meter for cold and hot water, as well as a heating usage meter.
Yes, we have several options prepared for you, which we’ll be happy to take you through in our Client Centre.
Up to 36 months, depending on the type of product.
A Studio is a non-residential space fitted out to correspond to a classic housing unit. You can get a mortgage for a Studio, and any client registered for VAT can save the 21% VAT when buying.
This means the ‘Declaration of the owner of the building’ (Building Owner Declaration). It is a legal document, which sets out the residential and non-residential units of the building and stipulates the common use spaces of the building, under the conditions laid down in the Civil Code.
After a reservation made orally expires, we offer the extension of the reservation on the basis of a written reservation agreement. The reservation fee, which stems from the reservation agreement is included as part of the housing unit deposit.
This means the Housing Unit Owners Association, a legal entity in charge of the proper running and administration of the housing block. It is established by the original owner as part of the Building Owner Declaration.
The costs of energy usage are paid depending on your consumption. The typical expectation is 3,500 CZK per month


Milan Antl

T: +420 725 890 508

Zuzana Čižmáriková

T: +420 725 538 065

Client Centre
Černá růže, Na Příkopě 853/12, 1. patro
110 00 Praha, Nové Město
T: +420 800 270 027
T: +420 224 284 255


The nearest public parking is in the Palladium shopping centre at Náměstí Republiky no. 1.

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