Bytové domy Lužiny - Archeologická - připravujeme
Bytové domy Lužiny - Archeologická - připravujeme
Jeremiášova - Triangl - Apartments House Available apartments >>>
Jeremiášova - Triangl - Apartments House Available apartments >>>
Uhříněves - U Starého mlýna Available apartments >>>
Uhříněves - U Starého mlýna Available apartments >>>
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Apartment Buildings Lužiny

We are preparing This Project for a building permit in cooperation with architectural studio Hlaváček & Partner s.r.o. Apartment units and parking spaces will be offerd in the immediate vincity of the subway, the Shoping Centre Lužiny and Central Park.

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Uhříněves, U Starého mlýna

The project includes 117 original apartments with a balcony, terrace or front garden, and business premises with an area of more than 500 sq m.

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Jeremiášova, Triangl

The Triangl apartment building occupies a total area of more than 10,000 sq m, of which at about 6,100 sq m serves as net living area, and 1,800 sq m as business premises.

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Polyfunkční areál Smíchov

The project is going to contribute to improving the quality of life in this area.
The current brownfield will be replaced by functional architecture for residential and commercial use.

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News and Information

Urban Developers and Investors is a company specializing in residential, commercial and logistical development projects. In recent years, we have focused primarily on projects in Prague and the surrounding areas. We strive to keep your wishes and needs at the heart of all we do. We site our projects in locations with good transport provision, civic amenities and close to nature. We focus on building first-rate, attractive and practical structures. The apartments are thoughtfully laid out and predominantly include parking, a cellar and a balcony, loggia, terrace or front garden.
During implementation of our projects we pay close attention to the quality of work done.
Our goal is to build quality housing for a happy home life.

Obchodní údaje

Společnost Urban Developers and Investors, s.r.o. je zapsána v obchodním rejstříku u Městského soudu v Praze, oddíl C, vložka 95583.

Urban Developers and Investors, s.r.o.
Archeologická 2256/1
155 00 Praha 5
IČ: 27091333
DIČ: CZ 27091333

Klientské centrum - UDI
Urban Developers and Investors, s.r.o.
Obchodní pasáž Černá růže, 1. patro
Na Příkopě 853/12
110 00 Praha


Milan Antl

T: +420 725 890 508

Zuzana Čižmáriková

T: +420 725 538 065

Client Centre
Černá růže, Na Příkopě 853/12, 1. patro
110 00 Praha, Nové Město
T: +420 800 270 027
T: +420 224 284 255


The nearest public parking is in the Palladium shopping centre at Náměstí Republiky no. 1.

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