The Triangl Apartments House Prague 5 - Jeremiášova

The Jeremiasova Triangl Residential building was approved on October 23, 2017. The general contractor was the Company SYNER, Ltd.

The final form of the residential building Triangl was designed by Ateliér Hlaváček & Partner, Ltd.

The apartment house features business premises, residential space, and a parking garage. It has three underground and ten above-ground floors, one main entrance to the residential area, connected to the main staircase and an entry hall with two elevators going through all the underground and aboveground floors.

The parking garages are located in the underground levels and can be accessed from the residential part of the building, commercial units (business premises) have separate entrances from Holýšovská street.

The building is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure with load-bearing walls and columns. There is a combination of load-bearing walls and columns in the basement, a skeleton frame system is used in the above-ground floors, the envelope is constructed of brick walls and the inner walls of ceramic masonry blocks. Elevator and staircase shafts are made of monolithic reinforced concrete throughout. All levels have concrete ceilings.

Staircases are prefabricated. The utility cores are acoustically separated from the remaining load-bearing structures. Partition walls between apartments are at least 300 mm thick. Balconies are made of prefabricated units. The building insulation system is compliant with the ČSN 73 2901 standard. The building is covered by a single-membrane, non-ventilated flat roof, drained by inlets to internal drainpipes.

Business premises facing Jeremiášova are covered by a glass front with sunshades.

The Energy Performance Certificate (PENB) shows that this is a very cost effective building, class B.

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